Landscaping Services



Paving is one of the best Landscaping options to add value and kerb appeal to your home. With an almost infinite combination of styles, patterns and arrangements paving is highly versatile and can provide a space suitable for many needs all year around.


New turf is a guaranteed way to improve the visual appeal of your garden. Often the centrepiece in a typically British landscape a well laid and maintained lawn can make a huge difference to your garden. We always use high-quality turf and sub material to ensure good growth. We will always recommend turf as opposed to artificial grass especially if there are children or dogs using the space.



Gravelling is a cheap option to hide a multitude of sins, that isn’t to say it can’t be used very effectively in creating a  functional and attractive outside space. There are several options for gravel type and size to suit your personal taste. We always prep the area being covered and use the highest
quality membrane to avoid weeds breaking through and ruining the finish.

Garden Walling

Garden walling is a way to break up and add character to your garden, especially helpful when the area is sloped it can be used to create raised areas and terracing. Retaining walls can be made by brick or stone and increasingly commonly railway sleepers, all provide the same service. The raised area can then be backfilled and finished off with planting, paving, turf, gravel or a combination of the ideas.